Why Kobble?

We have been building SaaS for years and we always repeated the same steps over and over again:

  • add user authentication (using Firebase, Supbase, Auth0, etc.)
  • connect Stripe and deal with their webhooks hell.
  • build a customer portal to display pricing tables, invoices, etc.
  • managing permissions of users frontend-side and backend-side depending on their subscription
  • ∞ overthinking everything

Kobble is a platform that provides these features out of the box with SDKs that you can integrate in minutes.

At Kobble we are on a mission to stop this madness and help you launch your product faster.

Our mission is to help you achieve product market fit faster.

How much time can I save?

With Kobble, you save (at least):

  • +3 days building a customer portal
  • +3 days dealing with Stripe pricing tables and webhooks and all this boring stuff.
  • +4 hours to authenticate users
  • +4 hours to set up your analytics funnel in Amplitude
  • +2 days to build a robust permission system + quotas => 7+ days of headaches saved (at very least)
  • ∞ hours overthinking…

What does it look like?

It depends on the framework you are using but in a nutshell here’s how it looks for a React app and a Node.js/Go backend:

import {
} from '@kobbleio/react';

    return (
            <HasPermission permission={'createImage'}>
                <!-- Your code here -->
            <HasRemainingQuota quota={'imageGenerated'}>
                <!-- Your code here -->

Core Concepts