Products and Prices

Products and Prices

A Product is an item that you can sell to your customers at a given Price.

A Product wraps information such as a Name, a Description and a list of Features.

You can configure multiple prices for a single product, allowing you to offer different pricing options to your customers (e.g. a monthly, yearly, etc.).

Your products will be displayed on your Customer Portal so that your customers can purchase them.

You don’t have to write any code to start selling your products.

All your customers and payment will still be visible in your Stripe account so you can own your data and manage your customers as you wish later.


Quotas are a way to meter and limit the usage of your application.

When a Quota is added to a Product, all customers subscribed to this product will be subject to the quotas you have defined.


Permissions are a way to control access to your application.

When a Permission is added to a Product, all customers subscribed to this product will be granted the permissions you have defined.

Connecting your Stripe account

Kobble partners with Stripe to handle all payments. Having a valid Stripe account is prerequisite to use our service.

At the moment, we do not, nor plan to, support any other payment gateway than Stripe.

To connect your Stripe account:

  1. Select the Monetization page on the left-hand sidebar.
  2. If your Stripe account is not connected, you will see a “Connect Stripe” button. Click on it.
  3. You will be redirected to Stripe’s website to log in and authorize the connection.
  4. Once you have authorized the connection, you will be redirected back to Kobble.

Stripe Connect